Source .hpkgs in HaikuDepot


While using the HaikuDepot application, I can see the related source packages to any apps that have them. When I go to install them, I get an error modal:

Fatal error occurred while installing package
<hpkg_name_here>_source: Failed to find a match for
"<hpkg_name_here>_source" ()

Is this a bug, feature, or PEBKAC? It happens on all packages I’ve tried. Same in x86-64 and x86-hybrid.


Known issue, see ticket #9990.


Is there a workaround? I haven’t figured out how to get at these. Maybe it’s an unintended feature to keep devs focus coding on the OS and not the applications. Lol. I’m assuming GitHub is the go-to in the meantime.


It’s not a feature, it’s an actual bug. Therefore the ticket in Trac. :slight_smile:

HaikuDepot shows the project’s homepage below the screenshot area. Often that’s its GitHub page and you can git clone the source from there.
Easier IMO: Get the haikuports/haikuporter “source” and build the source package of the app yourself, see Building packages with haikuporter.