SoundRecorder doesn't record anything

I may just not be using it right, but SoundRecorder doesn’t record any sound from my Line-In. Works fine with Windows 10 and Audacity.

I’ve got an Asus Z87-C motherboard and in Preferences > Media it shows as “HD Audio” and also shows as the only option for “Input” in SoundRecorder. It’s also set as the default audio input in Preferences > Media > Audio settings. The Input tab for this device in Media prefs doesn’t have any as muted, although strangely it shows two “Line” options. I can select from the various inputs, but it seems this is just for modifying Mute and dB.

Anything else to check?

I have similar settings for my HDA audio. I does work with a microphone plugged into the microphone input. Doesn’t seem to matter if I set “Line in” or “Mic” in the HD Audio settings…

The input part of the HDA driver is even less complete than the output. Some work on that driver is really needed.

What about the work of Barett? Does he still work on the MediaKit? Does he need a new contract to work on the media server? No news so far!?

Last time I tried it worked somehow, but very silent. I had almost to cry to get something recorded.

This is not a problem in the media kit, but in the HDA audio driver. You could connect another application to the driver directly and remove the media kit completely, and you would still run into trouble.

Barrett’s contract have ended because of misunderstanding and organization problems in Haiku Inc and for the time being, he moved on to other things. He is still contributing now and then to Haiku and applications around it.

…ah ok I see that makes sense. Better to get some coffee first before writing another unuseful comment.

Barrett’s contract ended so he needs a new one! How to?