SoundPlay not working on hrev45673

I installed hrev45673 on an ASUS EeePC 701. Everything works great and I see Wireless is on by default and all my networks correctly detected. However, any and every SoundPlay version I tried starts with a very specific error (which i can’t reproduce right now since I’m not on Haiku right now). Just wondering if this will be fixed soon… :frowning:

Hi, i’m running Haiku hrev45692 and SoundPlay 4.7.3 is running fine. Newer revisions of SoundPlay, instead, doesn’t work.
Try again with SoundPlay 4.7.3: if you can’t find a download link, i can provide you the link :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I’ll upgrade Haiku. 4.7.3 wasn’t running either on my build.

SoundPlay requires There’s a in there and if I symlink it to SoundPlay gives me a stranger error. Any idea where from to get a proper file? Also, I assume SoundPlay would work fine if my build is a GCC4 one.

I’m currently running SoundPlay on a GCC2 hybrid, is linked to and SoundPlay works good, without any error/issue.
Maybe the issue is related to GCC4 only: try at least a gcc4 hybrid.

Please submit a ticket to so that the Developers are aware of the issue.