Some wallpapers

Hello! I’ve made some test wallpapers for Haiku, one of them for Haiku Alpha2. If the team likes any of them, you can include it in the next release without any problem. I leave here the links.

Haiku Alpha 2 (from 1024 to 1600):
Haiku wallpaper I (1024x768):
Haiku wallpaper II (1024x768):
Haiku wallpaper III (1600x1200):

I have the source files, so I can make any resolution if needed. Hope you like them!

Test-111- VERY nice. Well done!!

Thanks for these but you are using the old logo, please use one from here:

They are beautiful, great work.

Thanks for the advice! I got the logo from the Wikimedia web, so I didn’t know about the new version.

I´ve requested some suggestions in this wallpapers on yours respectives galleries!

thanks !!!

Thanks michaeloliveira! I’ll be reviewing them today and I’ll work on them (I must change the logo too, I used the old version)

hey how about this one link:

edit: i didn’t realize that feathers on the logo are actually leaves. sory about that

I have created some new wallpapers too. They are some nature pictures that I took last month. They are only in 1280x960, but I can prepare other sizes should they be desired. I’m just adding this because I think the default alpha2 background can be spiced up a bit. :wink:


Don’t use a kolibri, 'cause it can generate confusion:

It doesn’t matter if you thought the leaves were feathers, I did too! Haiku is by nature “Light as a feather” so it still fits! I would suggest that this image be included as a wallpaper option either in the final release or in R2! Nicely done. Simple, elegant, functional!

Those lists of wallpaper you’ve made are really stunning. Keep it up !
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