Some questions


I think Windows is great because it is easy to use.
I don’t like Linux because if i want to install a program, i need to use rpm, handle dependences, compile source codes…
I have never used MacOs.
I think an OS is created to make the use of other programs the easiest possible for “public users” and also for devloppers, which use programs to write where programs :slight_smile:

I have never used BeOs (Haiku). But i have a question. Is BeOs (Haiku) easy to use like Windows:
_ If i want to use a program. Do i just have to download an .exe file and click on it to install and/or use it ?

_ If i want to develop a program in C++ and i need to use external libraries (GTK, SDL,…) Do i need to just download the .h and the .lib and put it in the good folders (like under Windows with DevCpp or Visual C++) or do i need to compile de source, after having downloaded and installed all the librairies which depend on it (like under Linux) ?

_ Is there a GUI API under BeOS like the Win32 API under Windows, which can be use to develop programs which can be executed without the need of external programs ?

If BeOs (Haiku) is just a Linux-Like OS, i am not interested.
But if Haiku is something like Linux but with all the good things from Windows, I am very interested.


Haiku is

  1. open source operating system… MIT license. (is less restrictive than GPL)
  2. is full graphics system with C++ writed gui without a text mode - when you want then you can use Terminal) -
  3. when you want develop your aplication then you can use BeOS (Haiku) API who is similar to WinAPI – there is not GTK or some others silly thinks…
  4. BeOS has very easy install Software Wallet package manager, when you can install aplication to one click (*.pkg)
  5. Haiku, or BeOS is not Windows… There are not a exe executable files… but i think there are a Wine for BeOS

BeOS is death and Zeta is not open source — open source will be Haiku…
When you have money then u can buy a new Zeta 1.21 version … its nice and good OS for novice and profesional, too.


skywaker wrote:
3. when you want develop your aplication then you can use BeOS (Haiku) API who is similar to WinAPI -- there is not GTK or some others silly thinks..

Well, comparing the Win32 API to BeOS’s would be an insult, I’d say, as the Be API is leaps and bounds ahead of Win32. When I began using the (procedural) WIN32 API, I had to constantly look up documentation for every obscure little detail, whereas when I got into programming BeOS’s modern object oriented API to some extent, the programming model seemed logical and consistent.


If you want to read about how to develop for BeOS (and Haiku R1), you can read an out-of-print book from O’Reilly here

If you want to read some info about shared libraries and dynamic link libraries, have a look here (section Image Functions - Concepts)

HTH, Chris

Thanks ChrisK.
This book seems to be very usefull.