Some questions about Haiku

I am quite familiar with free and open source software community . I am very excited about Haiku .

I have some questions about Haiku usage .

what web browser it uses …???

How to install an application for example a word processor (in my case I will use FOSS “Abiword” )

(I dont mind using shell commands )

why it uses single click mouse like Mac OS X

when we will have a stable and final release of this wonderful OS “Haiku”

what is philosophy behind Haiku

thank you

Haiku uses WebPostive, which was built from the ground up, although Haiku also is able to use an old port of firefox, called BeZila. I can’t recall what the issue with mozilla was over it, but the main thing to get out of that is WebPositive is the preferred web browser.

Installing an application is varied, sometimes it’s a nice little installer (users like darkwyrm creates), and there are some that just look like a bunch of folders (most times you just drag into the /boot/ directory, and it sorts itself out into the folders it needs to be in. There is no apt-get system for installing software, most times you find haiku/beOS software sites and download the software (development is in progress on creating one though…I think). Also, AbiWord is bundled in haiku.
EDIT: Actually, I don’t think AbiWord is bundeled anymore, so here’s the link to both where you can download haiku programs, and to abiword to download…

Single-click mouse is…originally from BeOS, which Haiku is meant to preserve parts of. however, secondary mouse clicks are available (although you can certainly get by with singleclicking).

There’s no such thing as a wonderful OS, Haiku will ALWAYS BE ALPHA!! haha, just kidding XD. But seriously, there are a lot of issues and concerns to go over in Haiku before we can make it stable as a whole. Helping by contributing can make the process a whole lot faster.

The philosophy behind Haiku isn’t spelled out I don’t think, but Haiku is meant to be simple, fast, and a modern take on BeOS. Many of the designs around haiku reflect that.

You’re welcome.

Standard web browser is WebPositive (developed for Haiku & uses WebKit). You can also run BeZillaBrowser (aka FireFox 2), Arora (Qt) & QtWeb (Qt). Qt Browsers may crash with recent changes to Haiku.

Some programs can be installed with script installoptionalpackage (from terminal). Others, you download from Haikuware (or Bebits) and unzip. Programs on these sites are either created or compiled for BeOS/Haiku. You can’t install Linux applications on Haiku.

Not sure what you mean about single click. Fairly sure you double click to start applications. Maybe a preference setting?

Date for final (R1) is not provided but with best guess I would say about 4 to 5 years from now.

Most revisions tend to be fairly stable now but if you want really stable and final you will have to wait for it.

Simple, fast and responsive built for desktop usage. Haiku is built to give a really great desktop experience but still not finished. Too much work with too few programmers which makes development slow going!