Some observations

  • Applications such as “TV” and “Soundrecorder” should not be a part of the Haiku release until such time as they are in a useful state - nonfunctional apps should never be included.
  • Any future release should include a functional native CD/DVD burning application similar to what was included in BeOS R5. (Helios was my burning app of choice back when).
  • BeOS was often described as the “Media Operating System”. If Haiku is striving to be a BEOS clone, then perhaps the focus needs to be on multimedia, rather than trying to be all things to all people. A Haiku HTPC would be just such a niche.

About the Haiku HTPC idea, something I mentioned in the forum already:

Maybe a resurrected BeIA version of Haiku would make sense one day? Very fast booting, popular social media plug-ins, web browser, web mail and a good media player/library.

A HaikuIA or HaikuTouch.

Basically a living room version of the full Haiku, could also be optimized for a touch UI.

Yeah who watches TV on their PC or records their voice? Not many I reckon more useful apps could be included