Some noob questions about Haiku


This operating system looks nice but i have some questions:

it will support multiprocessors, SMT and dual/quad core cpu’s?

It will support SSE1,2,3,4… and 64bytes?

What compiler are you using to compile the Haiku? the weird GNU CC, PCC, Microsoft COmpiler, Intel compiler or a custom made compiler?

What open gl version haiku will have? OGL 2, 2.1, 3, 3.1, 1.5???

Thanks for help and sorry for my noobish english!!!


Mr. President, such an honour… :slight_smile:

It already does.

It already does (SSE, that is). For example, just recently Cristian Packmann successfully optimized bilinear filtering with MMX/SSE routines.
64bit will be considered after R1 is out. So, not before at least R2.

Officially, for R1 gcc2.95 is used, which keeps binary compatibility to BeOS R5. There are also solutions for a hybrid gcc2/4 which can also execute gcc4-compiled binaries. These will, however, probably break in the future and will have to be re-compiled.

Haiku uses software rendering for the time being (MESA 7.4.4). Artur Wyszynski is working on a Gallium3D port which will pave the road to hardware accelleration, if I interpret that correctly.

I hope I got all the above correct, I’m no developer and therefore not necessarily adequately informed on all accounts.