Some doubts that I have

Hello, not long ago I tried Haiku and I love it. But I have a problem, when is installed on the hard drive but without the bootable usb it does not boot after installing it.

I do not know why it happens to me if someone can give me a some help. I would appreciate it.

Oh by the way, I wanted to install it on a 2020 retina macbook air. I could test linux by touching certain parameters at startup, Haiku could? or is it not recommended?.

Sorry if this is not the right place to ask. Thanks!

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32 bit or 64 bit? Did you wipe the entire drive and install from scratch?

64 and yes. Wipe the entire disk and dedicated exclusively to Haiku.


Did you use this? I’ve also have had issues, but to narrow it down…


If you see PulkoMandy’s description of the location for the haiku_loader.efi, and then my reply to that where I moved the entire platform loaders folder. If you can move the platform loaders folder from the usb drive into the same path on the internal drive. Perhaps then it will work. But my setup was a little different. Try creating the efi partition and moving the efi file there.

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Thank you very much, as soon as I can I will try what you have told me.

The installation will be done on an IBM ThinkPad X31. I’ll say here how everything turned out :).

Unfortunately on the mac…. It manages to start but in the end it gives an error in loading when it is in the card icon in the 3 or 4 icon I am not sure, but anyway, it gives errors a white screen appears.

I also have an Asus Chromebook with Linux installed direct to the drive but it doesn’t recognize usb boot with Haiku.

Didn’t read about the Mac until now. Did you try fail safe graphics on startup? (Hold down shift or space bar on booting).

My Mac was a 2012. Likely there are some differences :slight_smile:

No, I just tried pressing the option key at boot and selecting the two Haiku EFI options. Both with the same error.

Mine is a 2020 retina MacBook Air, with the T2 chip which complicates things a bit.

Despite the fact that it deactivates the secure function and other stories, so it should not give me problems, it will be something else who knows.