Some considerations

Yesterday i have installed Haiku on my primary PC, thanks to stability of Alpha 3, and i have also installed a bunch of software in QT: xVideoServiceThief for download and see the videos from various websites, and for curiosity i have also installed Arora and QtBrowser: these broswer have a pros and also a cons: the cons consist in frequent crashes, and the pros consist in better compatibility with most of websites. I guess that Arora and QtWeb have an updated version of QtWebkit, and WebPositive has an “out of date” version of Webkit… But I am more in favor of WebPositive, 'cause has better integration in Haiku. it never crashed for me.
The point is, in my humble opinion, to update WebPositive/WebKit, considering this assumption: a better and compatible browser can attract more people to Haiku, can contribute to his better diffusion.
Consider for one moment my example about my consideration: I work with computers; I have showed Haiku to the most of my friends and customers: all these people were impressed by the speed and the potentiality of Haiku, but we should consider that we are in the era of a “multimedia” internet and of the broadband connections: for this aspect (the diffusion in non technical users) i think that a compatible browser is important. But sure: this ain’t the only advantage, we need also an Office Suite for example (but an updated Browser can use Online Office Suite, like Google Docs, for example).

At the end of my consideration i want to say: I am conscious of the fact that we speak of software in alpha state, that we need to reach Haiku R1 bug free, etc… But we should also consider that Haiku, however, is a modern and quick Operative System, and and is fairly stable at the moment. And if we can update (make software porting too, thanks to QT libraries) and make better some components, we should do it. In this way, in my humble opinion, Haiku will be more diffused (as i’ve said, a lot of friends and customers of mine are interested in Haiku on their PCs)
I am not very competent in development skills, but i can contribute how i can (in bug reporting, for example).

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[quote=AndrewZ][quote=Giova84]LOL :smiley:
we need also an Office Suite for example[/quote]
We know :slight_smile: Two candidates are KOffice and ABIWord, both need updates for A3.[/quote]

Well if you go back into the mailing list archives, there is GOBE 3 but its needs work, although I did talk to mr hammond sometime ago, it is lacking developers. GOBE 3.0 would be a huge upgrade over both Koffice and ABIword.

A good webbrowser is very important for practicing my favourite hobby, procrastination. :wink:

LOL :smiley:

Browsing the “web” is the procrastination of our modern day :wink:

[quote=Giova84]LOL :smiley:
we need also an Office Suite for example[/quote]
We know :slight_smile: Two candidates are KOffice and ABIWord, both need updates for A3.

are you aware that BeZilla browser (a firefox clone) is available for Haiku?

Bezilla (based on early version of Mozilla, 2.0) is very slow and “primitive”… Web+ is most and most better than Bezilla.
About Office Suite: I hope that Gobe 3 will be avaliable soon (as new version) for Haiku, 'cause it was native for BeOS (and for Haiku even!) But if Koffice and Abiword will be availabe, I will happy to using them!