[solved] Update to hrev..37, PANIC: ASSERT FAILED

After yesterday’s update, after re-boot after installation of update, desktop appears, 2 seconds later KDB opens in terminal

Pl. see the attached photo…pl. guide to resolve this…


What happened? You’re using nightlies and they are development versions.
Despite all testing and changes validating done before committing sometimes an incomplete fix slips through all checks.
The problem has been reported here and is already fixed by this commit.
You’re glad but it doesn’t fix your install…
It’s really simple, when you start Haiku, hit Shift or Spacebar key to enter Haiku bootloader, chose a previous state then continue. Once Haiku started, you can work as usual.
Now, to solve the problem for good, you only need to update Haiku by the usual way.

A little hint: Before runnning SofwareUpdater, check the download page for the nightly that match your install. If there’s an iso with a hrev superior to the buggy one, you will be certain that packages for this version are available.

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BTW, if you enter “continue” in KDL it resumes. That happens twice (in my case at least) and then works.

So just update the install

New revision was not yet available yesterday when I checked…

I tested a few hours ago. Update is available and works :slight_smile:

I typed ‘continue’ as suggested above, and was able to update to hrev…43…after reboot after update, same thing happened. KDL debugger opened in terminal. typed ‘continue’. Nothing happened. screen remained as it was… Rebooted again.
Now working OK
Thanks to all of you for your suggestions

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