[Solved] Tried to install epiphany, but it wants to remove Cairo

Hello all
Thought of trying out gnome-web. When I tried to install, a pop-up comes saying some file "lib…’ is not available and Resolution is
a) Remove cairo
B) ignore for now ( with this selected, installation aborts)

What is Cairo needed for? And why it is required to uninstall it for installing Epiphany?

There are two conflicting versions of Cairo, if no other packages are listed by pkgman you can safely remove it, the other version will be installed in its place.


Thank you. Your suggestion worked. instead of cairo, other packages were installed
writing from epiphany…no flicker during scrolling

Same here with Gimp 2.99. I made a fresh installation of the Beta 4 on my ASUS laptop today and a software update. After that I got the same error while trying to install Gimp. The solution worked and I deinstalled Cairo as suggested. Thanks.