Software cursor

Hello People :slight_smile:
I search for a developer, for Software cursor coding!

What is a Software cursor?
Haiku have in time a black/wite 8x8 bit pixel cursor, the new cursor must do another way, haiku have a vector format from the icon set, the same function from the icons:

  • zooming
  • colors

I have look into haiku code, but my c/c++ skills is not so good for this, we need coding in:

  • app_server
  • setting app
  • a new child lib from HVI_lib (haiku verctor icon) to HVC_lib (haiku vector cursor)
  • a handfull cursur in a vector format (designer work)

So โ€œhello world!โ€ give me a feedback and i hope to found a nice cool developer :slight_smile:

verry cool is see, stippi did it again :slight_smile:



yes :slight_smile: here:

Aahh! thanks!!!

Itโ€™s very beautiful!!!

Stippi is kicking asses again