SoB first-pass queue emptied and broken

Looks like a SoB contributor (not from TeamHaiku of course) inadvertently emptied the first-pass queue, and broke the server… until someone fixes the problem, it appears that the server is refusing to accept submitted blocks/tests.

Once fixed and submissions start to work, it should average out the stats accrued since it broke - if your machines complete a test and have nothing better to do until this is fixed, it might be a good time to work on some other TeamHaiku projects like Folding@Home, the projects, etc. See the sticky at the top of this topic for a list.

I wonder, is this why my BeOS SoB client keeps crashing?

j_freeman wrote:
I wonder, is this why my BeOS SoB client keeps crashing?

Very possible - the SB client for BeOS is so old, I wouldn’t doubt that it’s buggy.

My windows machine says this in the log each time it attempts to submit a block:

[Tue Jun 13 18:14:09 2006] resolving hostname
[Tue Jun 13 18:14:10 2006] opening connection
[Tue Jun 13 18:14:31 2006] server busy – block added to submit queue

On the other hand, my BeOS machine is still submitting blocks with no problems - but it’s currently crunching second-pass, so maybe that’s not affected (although, apparently the stats are broke - since I’m not getting credit for the submitted second-pass blocks either)