SoB 1P Mile Marker

Incredible work everyone. Our efforts in SoB is really amazing. More users join up every day and we’re growing at a tremendous pace. Wonder what will happen when SoB is over and we redirect all this power somewhere else.

I’d like to, however, give note to some special things happening

  1. We’re almost at the 1P marker. This means we’ve crunched A LOT! which brings me to number 2.
  2. In total, TeamHaiku has now contributed almost 7000 P90 years. Ain’t that some
  3. We’ve increased members to above 60 (currently at 61).

I must say, it’s fascinating to see this commitment to crunching, let’s hope we can reach some new goals even faster than before.


1P - I’m gonna go have a beer!

yay! 1P 8)

yay! Beer 8)

umccullough wrote:

1P - I’m gonna go have a beer!

Cool. Just noticed.
Unfortunately no beer in the house at the moment. I guess I’ll have to have some wine.

yeah! congrats to everyone! 8)