So, You want creative design, huh?

Look at these videos…

Jeff Han’s multi-point interface:

Bumptop interface:


Bumptop is incredible! Now that would definitely give Haiku an advantage.

uhhh … bumptop is kinda useless IMO… but maybe you meant the video of jeff hans technology (they ARE different…bumtop is 3d hans work is not adn he has good reasons) now that is awesome seems very good already too… the multi touch really seems usable and now… i want one :slight_smile:

I wonder if that is the same keyboard used for the nokia n800 even though it is not multi touch?

I’ll definitely agree with creative. Useful? In both cases, I highly doubt it. Perhaps I’m missing the point, but I fail to see how a multipoint interface is going to be all that incredibly useful for an OS targeting the consumer desktop, and Bumptop is… interesting.

I’ve seen Bumptop before. It’s an amazing demo, but that’s all that it can ever be. The guys working on it have created a solution looking for a problem. It does a very nice job of emulating stacks of papers, but how does it help you organize? Location. This is also, coincidentally, how the concept of files and folders does it. Both force you to come up with a hierarchical organization scheme of your own. Here’s another thought: how could it help me deal more effectively with my collection of more than 2500 MP3s? It’s cool for a few files, but it scales very poorly. For all the fancy tricks, it doesn’t help you work better.

For all the hype, multitouch is just an emerging technology that is best suited for embedded situations (kiosks, etc.). For the desktop, what problem would it solve? Aside from having two users working on the same screen at the same time, is there something that can’t be done right now with a mouse that could be done with 2 mice simultaneously?