Smart GPU-CPU threading

GPUs are extremely parallel’d, making them not suitable for many CPU-geared tasks, on LEGACY OSs. Since Haiku is built from the ground up to be multithreaded, it should start utilizing GPU threads past 95% CPU usage and GPU rendering should be offloaded to CPU if GPU passes 95%. That should really give a new meaning to fully utilizing hardware.

Imagine how fast video conversions would be at 100% CPU and 100% GPU usage on the same task! Or how fast games could run on even legacy hardware! :smiley:

It would give a whole new meaning of speed combined with the awesome speed Haiku already has.

There aren’t any special tricks to this… GPUs don’t even work as well on Haiku as they do on other OSes and when we do get support it won’t be any faster than any other OS.

Also FYI… Haiku is a legacy os these days even with the shiny new features it has vs BeOS.