Small favor needed. Writting a driver for HAIKU

I am writing a driver for an Intel G35 Express Graphics Card. I have the directions for writing in Linux and just need for someone to look over it and tell me if it is possible for me or tell from their own experience if I can use this in HAIKU. ALL of the code required for writing the driver is supplied on the site below. Want to know if I can apply it before I try to figure out how to install the Linux code.

Here are the short instructions:

More info: HAIKU displays on my screen through VGA and HDMI. It does not display at a 16:9 ratio. It also appears very generic.

No. Haiku requires rewrite of any Linux drivers. You would have to really know C++ (or C) to create driver for Haiku. You cannot use a Linux driver directly.

There is an intel_extreme driver. It supports:
40 } kSupportedDevices[] = {
41 {0x3577, INTEL_TYPE_83x, “i830GM”},
42 {0x2562, INTEL_TYPE_83x, “i845G”},
44 {0x2572, INTEL_TYPE_85x, “i865G”},
45 {0x3582, INTEL_TYPE_85x, “i855G”},
47 {0x2792, INTEL_TYPE_91x, “i910”},
48 {0x258a, INTEL_TYPE_91x, “i915”},
49 {0x2582, INTEL_TYPE_91x, “i915G”},
50 {0x2592, INTEL_TYPE_91x, “i915GM”},
51 {0x2772, INTEL_TYPE_945, “i945G”},
52 {0x27a2, INTEL_TYPE_945, “i945GM”},
53 {0x27ae, INTEL_TYPE_945M, “i945GME”},
54 {0x29a2, INTEL_TYPE_965, “i965G”},
55 {0x2a02, INTEL_TYPE_965M, “i965GM”},
56 {0x29b2, INTEL_TYPE_G33, “G33G”},
57 {0x29c2, INTEL_TYPE_G33, “Q35G”},
58 {0x29d2, INTEL_TYPE_G33, “Q33G”},
59 {0x2a42, INTEL_TYPE_GM45, “GM45”},
60 };

Adding your hardware should make it work for you. Since it works with GM45, which is newer, and G33 which is slightly older (close to your hardware - same family), it should work with your G35 too.

i have too problem… only vesa mode on my widescreen… i test grep accel ane there is only vesa…

i have intel dg41mj mainboard with g41 chipset and onboard intel graphics… thanks.

I installed the driver and it works on my graphics card. I didn’t get what I wanted which was the 16:9 ratio. It did, temporarily, solve some issues on my PC after one reboot. It was also the same driver and the same version (don’t know about build though) that was on my pc from the HAIKU installation. It speeded up the booting process when it gets to the graphics card. It used to stall. It fixed an issue where the media player would stop producing sound in the middle of playback from CD only. Could have been and issue with the HDMI and built in monitor speaker. There was some more locking up and slowness on certain applications and utilities. All of these issues were fixed temporarily after rebooting. when rebooting again they were all back to problems.

here is the link to the driver I have installed.

you misunderstand. intel_extreme driver is part of Haiku already. You should not need to install BeOS version. In fact, that could cause issues for you - system instability.

Someone only has to update Haiku’s intel_extreme driver to work with your hardware (change 3 source files & compile). Would require your listdev output for graphics card to get card description, vendor & device IDs. vendor ID=8086 for Intel.

I’m busy for next 2 weeks but after that I should have some time. (maybe sooner)

Posting now so you don’t have to look through posts.

device Display controller [3|80|0]
vendor 8086: Intel Corporation
device 2983: 82G35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller

device Display controller (VGA compatible controller, VGA controller) [3|0|0]
vendor 8086: Intel Corporation
device 2982: 82G35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller

The first entry is HDMI. I use HDMI more than I use VGA.

Also. I have never written a driver before but knew I could with the directions Intel has given because it is instructions. Would have worked it out if it were to work. I do know how to use HAIKU though I am rusty at it because I haven’t used this software sense BeOS PE.

ok, try this and let me know if it works:

  1. unzip to /boot
  2. reboot

I added both device IDs in - HDMI & VGA should both work; try them both out one at a time (with reboot).

a) gcc2 or gcc2hybrid
b) r38581 or newer (may work with older Haiku but not sure)

You use a desktop system right?