Sinister forces have it in for me/us/Haiku

There is a thin line between the Japanese owner of BEos and you volunteers, you are doing something wonderful and the tiger is watching and if he feels the earnings, he will be pissed and will you judge?
It’s hard for me to do something for Haiku knowing this. It also seems to me that this is why the ARM architecture is withheld for fear of smartphones and a possible lawsuit from the owners of the rights to BEos

The project name was already changed from OpenBeOS to Haiku well before the current forum (Discourse) even existed, at the behest of ACCESS. They’re also credited as the owners of BeOS in various places as well. Additionally, ACCESS isn’t really doing anything with regards to BeOS as far as the public is concerned.

What is this so-called thin line that you’re referring to, which makes you hesitant to do more work Haiku?

Regarding ARM support, there is no fear of legal action causing it to be slow or withheld or anything of the sort. There is a much simpler explanation:

There aren’t many developers working on it, they only have limited time to do it, and there is a dearth of resources available.

That applies for the entire project, really.

I think there is only one person embarrassing themselves here.


We have written an operating system from scratch, reusing parts that they published under an open source license. So, we have their support and we have secured the rights to do what we do from them.

The ARM architecture is making good progress, thank you :smiley:

Smartphones are not our goal because we have enough to do with building a desktop operating system, and our project vision is that if you want to do that right, you have to do compromises that are not the same as if you were building something for a smartphone (where you will, for example, worry a lot more about powersaving than performance) or a server OS. This has consequences on all levels: choices for the kernel, for the user interface, etc.

With our small team, we have a busy time moving the desktop part ahead already. It is not the time to split our effort and start working on smartphones additionally to that.

What is the goal of this conspiracy theory, now? I don’t think we need that here…


It’s a Future Fear, mayby is conspiracy theory, sorry but it was in me, i have to write it.

as far as i know there is a new version of BeOS for windows phone, unfortunately it hasn’t been officially released yet

Is this an AI generated text?


Windows Phone has been dead since 2018, while Windows 10 Mobile died in 2020. What are you going on about?

[citation needed]

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that Access does something too. I thought there was an open space here to express my views. community, as part of it, I think I have the right to write what I think

And I’m asking what exactly is ACCESS currently doing with BeOS, along with a source on where you got this information.

I also have a small “but”, i.e. why do you do GSoC projects and not all implement them to the main code repository?. Cheat donotors, or maybe that’s the deal with google.

win8linux these are my sources of information.
corporations have their secret projects that do not necessarily have to be revealed publicly

Google pays the students, not our donations.

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I got kicked out of college for telling the truth. I took medication for my head so I’m calm. Let the force be with you!

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