Shutdown Script

Is there a shutdown scipt for Haiku yet? Or,something equilivent?

When I look in boot/home/config/boot/UserShutdownScript there isn’t one there. Is it as easy as using style edited and nameing the file How do I enter a command to shut down a specific program?


It gives you the file name in the userguide: /boot/home/config/boot/UserShutdownScript
This is executed as a shell script. You can create/edit it with any editor you want.

If you want to send commands to a specific application you’ll want to use the ‘hey’ program

For example to quit an app named foo: hey foo QUIT

There are various documents floating around talking about using hey.


The Shutdown Script does not seem to get executed on shutdown. I tried it and it does not seem to work (it didn’t work in A2 either).

Did anyone get it to work on A3?


Yup. Guess it’s still on the todo list.

I can make the “hey BeDock quit” command work from a terminal window. But, alas the UshershutDown script isn’t running. Bummer.