ShowImage enhancements


Not in that archive, but it’s on HaikuArchives:


Great to have the source. It compiles ok in one of the recent 64b nightlies:



Nice. So there we go. Someone can work on that if it needs any bug fixes or improvements. That saves a lot of time for Haiku developers (or others) in making a replacement, and it keeps an old BeOS application around in these modern Haiku times. Win/win!

I guess it is just a question of whether we would want to tie that in with ShowImage in some way, or a make Tracker add-on to call it.

Also if it isn’t already there someone could make a hpkg and add it to HaikuDepot.


I think it would would be awesome if Tracker had a built-in “previewer” window that just floated above other windows, showing a preview of whatever is currently selected in Tracker. Making it a pane/panel in the Tracker folder window could very likely mess with size & location of the folder’s window.

BTW: Is there a way to visually distinguish floating windows from normal windows? Size/Shape of titlebar, etc…?


I think the old xee for mac is still the best image viewer (with new versions has lost its simplicity).

A great improvement could be to implement in the translators the use of the passed image type (ticket #12205).
IIRC the current code just ignore the suggested mime type because is a “suggestion”.

When I forced the use of a specific format opening an image was lightning fast .


Shoudn’t it do something like use the translator that matches the suggested filetype and if that fails to load then fall through to the rest?

From what axel was saying in that ticket it just falls through all the translators in a naive but working manner, but as more translators are added this will only get worse.


You can pass the type, but at the moment is ignored. The API is there but not the implementation.


When I start working on ShowImage bugs I will try to look at this issue too.