Should the built-in folders and apps be translated in Deskbar?

Yeah. though so after posting.
We do use “PC” as alternative, but computer sounds weird.

I’m not completely confident that how the German translation dealt with it is best, but we did translate the apps and preferences. Even going so far as calling “DiskProbe” “Hex-Editor”. Not sure it’s the right decision, but that’s how it is now…
If you go to the above link and change to the German translation, you’ll see we used the ‘acronym’ html element to have a tooltip with the English name of the app. Not not really discoverable, I know, but whatcha gonna do…?

They are not in Pootle but can be translated at the HDS website. Volunteers need to apply for the necessary permissions.

Aha, okay I totally missed that long list under the English flag (maybe add a downward pointing arrow next to it).
Not sure if the translations in the German version of the list are also used as app name translations in the German locale of Haiku, but please let’s not do any app name translations at all (I explained above why not).

With no app name translations in the non-English locales, there wouldn’t be any almost meaningless texts in the non-English user guide applications lists like the German: ‘Bildbetrachter: Ein einfacher Bildbetrachter’ and ‘Texteditor: Ein einfacher Texteditor’ and instead all info in the list would actually be informative.

If the user finds the threshold of learning what the English app names stand for is too high for him/her (even with a list available in the user guide that explains what each application does), then there’s always the option to right click on the application name/icon and choose ‘Edit name’ in the menu.