Should Haiku sever ties with Google / the CIA?

Stating that Google is a “CIA project” isn’t a concern, that’s nonsense.

You should always use critical thinking against (and never fully “trust”) any company, regardless of their motto.


Everyone is going to have their own opinion of who’s opinions are worthwhile. I might have said the same thing about our fellow forum-members complaining about the TV app in Haiku. In my opinion, their opinions were just nonsense. However, if that is what concerns them, I wont try to stop their discussion.

Absolutely true.

These forums are also not the place for conspiracy theorizing, which it seems pretty arguable your post is. Society in general, and open-source software development in particular (these forums included) operate on the basis of the assumption that claims can be evaluated based on evidence, or based on trust in the one making the claim. You have not offered evidence, and I don’t see any particular reason to trust you independent of evidence or reasoned argument.

But let’s consider this anyway. Let’s suppose every single claim you have made about a certain megacorporation and a particular “three-letter agency” was entirely correct. What would we do then? Cut off funding, you say.

But why would that work, exactly? If the entities you are speaking of are really doing the things you say they are, why would cutting off funding from them solve the problem? Is that the only power they have to affect us? Wouldn’t they just change tactics, and work to undermine us in some other way? If they really think we matter that much, surely they’ll “stop at nothing”, as the saying goes, to bring about whatever it is they’re after?

Ultimately, if the world really was as you envision it to be, there would simply be no escape from being “subverted”. Even if you got obsessive about development procedures (moving to Antarctica, using only air-gapped computers for development, using old hardware that was carefully checked for backdoors, …), it wouldn’t matter much, because everyone else is still using your software after receiving it through the internet.

The inevitable conclusions from your principles thus being absurd, there is no reason to continue this thread. If there are other concerns about where and who Haiku accepts money from, they can be continued in another thread with a more sober beginning.

(By the way: Haiku uses open-source code from Google, and has multiple contributors with commit access who have worked, or some who still do work, for Google. They aren’t very active at the moment, but they exist. So, if that’s your standard for “infiltration”, it happened to Haiku over a decade ago.)