Secure Haiku, use

Hello, please tell me, I’m interested in the issue of security. I recently bought a laptop, and so far I don’t have a certain hub in listusb devices in a certain version of haiku, which appeared on my one device, with some additional ones unknown to me, will it be the same with a new pc when updating? I do not claim that this was due to the haiku, because i used different boot disks and also my network is compromised.
I also wanted to ask about virtio - in the just tested version (older) I had all the virtio files blacklisted, and it loaded, will the current nightlights load - is it worth going online and updating?

There is, once was, a secure Haiku build for TOR. Security is average good, because the system is not recognized by scanners. However, sometimes someone enters anonymously via VNC or SSH, so be careful. Some time ago I tried to make a firewall, but I gave up, waiting for the full version of R1

I think Haiku needs its own configurable antivirus and firewall capabilities.

I worked with some folks years ago to get ClamAV working on Haiku but failed in the end. I know there is some debate about the usefulness of antivirus on Haiku.

I would love something like Little Snitch for Haiku for managing a firewall.


I agree that something like Little Snitch would be nice. As for antivirus programs, I am not sure, I find them mostly to be malware in their own way. We probably have a lot of other lower hanging fruit before worrying about that.

Like not having the user always run as root or admin. Having some sort of login screen. Supporting encryption of the user’s files. Adding permissions for programs to access the user’s home directory or other subdirectories. Plus other various permissions like clipboard access, screen capture, and maybe adding general capability features. Locking down some of the systems core hpkg files so they can’t just be deleted trivially. Etc…


There are many entries on the bug tracker about security options.

Thanks, I didn’t think anyone would answer. I got out yesterday from the netbook to the network, but my neighbor who compromised the network is above my head like a watchdog, and so, yesterday, during the sortie, there were several connection disconnections. First I climbed in, updated myself, installed a netsurf, and then these disconnections. After which, upon entering the password for the wifi network, the connection did not go through, and later, there were some problems with ssl certificates in both the browser and the console. I probably will most likely refuse to use the haiku of the current state - I’m not sure that the programmers in the corporation are conscientious, because. there can’t be so many surprises, especially considering your discords. Now She is not loaded into any! Even with a rollback to the original state! In the download log just timeout 10, 8, 10, 8…!