Secure Boot and the Haiku

I finally got my new Atari VCS, which is based on an AMD SOC. I was hoping to try and boot Haiku on it, but it looks like Atari turned on Secure Boot and locked out all of BIOS/EUFI except for which drive to boot from.

This means that Haiku won’t boot (other operating systems like Windows and Linux do).

Is there a way to coerce Haiku into booting on a Secure Boot enabled system?

You will need a signed version of the bootloader. Either you can load your own keys into the firmware, or you need to sign it with a key they already know.

Maybe a simpler way is to chainload from GRUB, using a signed version of GRUB?

Would it be feasible to implement Secure Boot directly into Haiku, so that users wouldn’t have to do a workaround or tweak whenever they wish to install Haiku on a Secure Boot enabled device?

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This sounds like it will be complicated. I can’t add keys to the firmware, so I guess the GRUB way would be the way to go. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do that, though.

If you can’t add keys you will have to use a bootloader that is already signed,
most firmwares have atleast the microsoft normal keyset, and the extneded one.
assuming it has the extended one you might be able to use the linux “shim” loader, it is designed for distros not wanting to deal with secure boot.

Eventually we should probably get atleast the normal efi loader for the point releases signed by ms, i think.

Hmm. I shall have to look into this. Thanks!

In other news, other folks are complaining about the locked down Secure Boot setting because not all Linux distros are signed, it seems. Maybe they’ll change it so it can be turned on and off.