Search function in HaikuDepot sometimes a bit funny

The search in HaikuDepot is sometimes a bit funny !?

I wanted to install “Qupzilla” but could not remember the correct name, so I just entered “qu”. The search list has then given me everything possible, starting with “a”. Not even roughly similar to “qu” quazely “qupzilla”. Then had to scroll down the list of hundreds of packages to select “qupzilla”.

I find the search function somehow useless, then I could immediately enter “a” to see everything and then scroll down and search for myself.

Search looks through descriptions as well which is pretty useful in my opinion.
The reason it listed everything is that “qu” is relatively common phrase.

Better would be the package names and then the results from the descriptions

I agree with this.

The current method ain’t that great for usability sake.