SDL2 Game only runs in Debugger

I have built a SDL2 game on Haiku. If I run it under the Debugger, it stops at BView::_AddChild().
If I hit Run in the Debugger, it continues on and runs fine. Running it from the terminal, it crashes at startup with the same call stack.
Any clues appreciated.

You are probably hitting a call to the debugger() function. In this case Debugger shuold show the exact message, to the right of the thread name in the thread list.

Hopefully the message is clear enough for you to understand the problem, if not, tell us what it says and we can have a look :slight_smile:

Can you save debug report (available in Debugger menu), upload it somewhere and put link here?

	thread 7800: sdl-min (main)
	state: Call (AddChild failed - the view already has a parent.)

	Frame		IP			Function Name
	00000000	0x15c5f1f35ef	_kern_debugger + 0x7 
			0x0000015c5f1f35e8:   48c7c0e4000000  mov $0xe4, %rax
			0x0000015c5f1f35ef:             0f05  syscall  <--

	0x7fa8c3f6e560	0x781b1ac017	BView::_AddChild(BView*, BView*) + 0xa7 
	0x7fa8c3f6e580	0x781b1ac2bd	BView::AddChild(BView*, BView*) + 0xd 
	0x7fa8c3f6e5d0	0x781b1b08bd	BWindow::AddChild(BView*, BView*) + 0x4d 
	0x7fa8c3f6e610	0x978f7dfe9d	SDL_BWin::CreateGLView(unsigned int) + 0xc3 
	0x7fa8c3f6e640	0x978f7de239	HAIKU_GL_CreateContext + 0xca 
	0x7fa8c3f6e680	0x978f7ad5bf	SDL_GL_CreateContext_REAL(SDL_Window*) + 0x3f (../src/video/SDL_video.c:-1)
		ctx: 0 {
			*ctx: Unavailable

	0x7fa8c3f6e6c0	0x1b70a9fe839	setupSDL2() + 0xc9 
	0x7fa8c3f6e6e0	0x1b70a9fe3fe	main + 0xe 

Link to report

I have also created a minimal example, if you would like to run it in the Debugger:

I’m a bit rusty with SDL but I’m pretty sure you can’t use the SDL_Renderer and an OpenGL Context together.

I’ll change can’t with shouldn’t, since I’ve done some Googling and looks like people have mixed results doing it per platform.

The SDL Renderer will use eg. OpenGL behind the scenes to do its work, and since OpenGL is state based, trying to use both the Renderer and a Context at the same time could get messed up. The Renderer might also want a different version of OpenGL to what the Context is using.

If you just want to use the Renderer, you don’t need the Context, if you want to use OpenGL you should just use the Context.

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