Scripted Themes

I was thinking that it would be cool to program themes using Lua or something. For example, a simple theme might look like:

function initWindow() -- This is so that you can store state information for animations and stuff for fancier themes. -- If this is not specified, it will just create an empty table, so this function is not needed. -- NOTE: This data does not contain the window title, width, height, etc. return {} end

function update(window, dt)
– More animation support for fancy themes. The dt parameter contains how much time passed since the
– last update. Again, this function is not required. Window is a table with the window information,
– which was initialized with initWindow.

function render(window, width, height, title)
– Draw the window.
draw.rectangle(0, 0, 10, width) – Caption Bar
– …

function button(x, y, width, height, text)
– draw a be button

function label(x, y, text)
– draw a be label

I hope that is a good enough explanation. If I need to be more detailed, just give me the say so!

P.S. Anybody know if there is a way to get e-mail notifications so I do not have to check back daily?