Scheme for World Domination...I Mean Fundraising

Here’s the idea. An ‘Everybody Gives £1/$1/1€ etc.’ plan. I thought that we could advertise a scheme, like on charity days, where everyone donates a small amount, like a dollar, or the equivalent in another currency. We could ask for everyone who uses the forums, or every person that has tried Haiku and likes it to give a minute amount of money to the community to help further develop it. I also thought, as an added incentive, that we could send a little thank you gift to everyone who has made a donation. It could be something like a monthly wallpaper, or a useful app that someone has developed. If we offer something that everyone wants or needs for Haiku for only one dollar, then quite a bit of money could be collected, to help the OS and its community. Anyone have any comments?

So Dr. Evil,
What is your final monetary goal? Let me guess. One Million Dollars…

Anyway, a serious question, how will we do these payments, I don’t have paypal.

I’m starting to research some additional means for accepting donations. Basically, anything that does not have setup fees, monthly or yearly fees, and the transaction/currency fees are at least comparable to PayPal. So far, Google Checkout seems like a good addition. Are there any methods that you have in mind?

Google for non-profits is something that you may want to look at:

If eligible, Haiku could both advertise (Google Grants) and collect donations (Google Chekout) for free.

Could it go through the same site as the merchandise sales?

I suppose that Google is a good idea, with the summer of code and the suchlike. Didn’t they donate some money a while back?