Is it possible to intall Beos to my Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M7440G?
I’ve tried Beos Dev 2.2, but i couldn’t see my SATA hard drive.

Unfortunately, there’s no direct support for SATA at the moment :cry:

In your system BIOS, see if you have an option to run the SATA drive in its “compatibility mode” (sorry I don’t remember exactly what its called). This lets BeOS access the drive using the same functions as accessing a parallel ATA drive. I have heard reports that BeOS can access the drive fine if you change that. The downside is that everytime you reboot into BeOS (or your other operating system[s]), you will have to change the BIOS setting or suffer slower drive performance in your other OSes. Hopefully, we will have native SATA support soon so this will not be an issue.