S & T ? When?

I saw that work on S&T has been done by clemens zeidler.
Does someone know, if it will be included soon in the nightly-builds? I’m curious how it works :slight_smile:

Unfortunately stack and tile needs quite a bit of polish and cleanup before it is suitable for inclusion in trunk

Which had started thanks to Clemens and are very promising…

It will be good if stack and tile will be included in Interface Kit API to allow creating applications with this functionality.

It is meant to be a behaviour of the app_server not just a single application.
You will be able to do it with any windows… it would be nice you let the apps stack their windows themselves though.

Programmatic stacking & tiling windows are already in Clemens’s backlog.

any idea what is still missing from s&t, such that it can be included in the nightlies? at least, will it be included in the next alpha ?

AFAIK the polish needed to make it reasonably usable.
I think its stuff like integration with everything else, how you get windows to stack and tile, that sort of thing.