RX480 doesn't work

Hello everyone, after boot with RX480 i just get white screen on latest 64 bit build(54503). Can anyone help me or “show the right way”?

You can try if booting in VESA mode works, see this troubleshooting guide.

Thanks, i will open bug report

Good day,
@000exploit, check before opening the bug report because there are already some bug reports dealing with the Radeon driver, and maybe your issue has already been reported. I’ve done that before without checking first and ended up reporting a duplicate (issues of being a newbie).

Actually, I’m also on Radeon (RX560 and RX570), and can only boot with safe graphics on. In order to do that, you have to press Shift at boot, before Haiku starts to boot, to select the safe mode options. Mark the safe video boot option, and that should/might get you to the desktop, if there is no other issue involved.

If booting with the safe video option marked does allow you to boot, then you should set that safe mode permanent you have to go to:
open the file kernel with a text editor
and uncomment the line ‘fail_safe_video_mode true’
That will make the change permanent for next time you boot.