Rust package broken


When I try to install the “rust” package via pkgman in Haiku nightly x86_64, pkgman errors:

 nothing provides lib:libllvm_4.0 needed by rust-1.22~dev-1

I tried installing “llvm_libs” to see if that helped, but I get the same error message for the “rust” package either way.


Rust wasn’t rebuilt after LLVM bump. As it kinds of needs itself to bootstrap the build, this isn’t straightforward.


IIRC, the Rust team recently migrated to LLVM 6, which is why I opened a pull request at HaikuPorts switching to LLVM 6 release, and another one to fix the cross-compiled version in Rust’s libc, since building Rust 1.27 in Haiku still doesn’t work yet. I was able to successfully cross-compile Rust 1.27 with Haiku’s LLVM 5, but I’d rather aim for supporting LLVM 6 at this time.

But yes after bumping LLVM 6, we still need to check that Mesa builds and works with this change.


You can try to use the (slightly older) packages that can be found at


cool didn’t see this link before, thanks!