Running SVN on Haiku

I am trying to get SVN to work on Haiku and when I type any command with SVN in it I get the following error messages.

svn: error: cannot set LC_ALL locale
svn: error: environment variable LANG is not set
svn: error: please check that your locale is set

Anyone know if this can be fixed?


Well I spoke to the good folks on IRC (#haiku) and was told to try

export LANG=en_US or export LANG=C

Neither worked. Any suggestions?

I have seen the same issue while trying to run Perl, setting LANG didn’t help either.

Did you ever solve the problem?

Nope, I’m new to Haiku and don’t have an R5 to compare to. I just ignored it.

Looks like this bug was fixed in r22297. Karl from Haikuware gave it a try on his image and it worked but it locks up after about 15 mins when trying to check out Haiku from the repository. Karl mentioned that this also happened when he tried it on Zeta and R5.

How did you get Subversion compiled for Haiku anyway? The compilation of the apr-util dependency under Haiku always took me to KDL and corrupted the filesystem so that I had to overwrite the image…
Did you cross-compile from Linux? Do you have any pointers how to do so outside Haiku’s Jam build environment?

I’m guessing anyone testing SVN on Haiku is probably just taking advantage of the binary-compatibility with R5 and copying it from their R5 partition/install rather than recompiling it for Haiku.

It should theoretically be possible (assuming all the headers are correct and necessary tools are present) to compile it for Haiku as well.

I believe that is what Karl VD did (copied from a R5 version). He was the one who installed it on the Haikuware Super Pack on