Running Bethon

Hi all:

I successfully built Bethon, but I can’t find the executable or run script.

This is how I built it:

linked /boot/common/bin/sed to /boot/system/bin

cd /boot/apps/Bethon (Bethon was the folder where I extracted the zip file)


make install

there where no errors!

So how do I run this software?

Program some Python, using the API calls?

I know, not much help :slight_smile:


I don’t know what is bethon… but sed is

An inline editor for shell command… so this Bethon is just a link to sed (alias or symlink or “illegal” copy, … just a symlink so not a software… sed is very powerfull but inline command only (initialy from Bell labs)… Something is not present in Haiku is the man… all tools in haiku are open source. So need to copy also all the corresponding man pages like in linux (if I am not wrong BeOS 4.5 and 5.0 was provided with all the man pages of each tool or software provided…).


Best regards…

It’s not application but set of what’s called API “bindings” so that you can use to make GUI interface (or other command-line) applications for Haiku / BeOS that are written in the Python scripting language instead of having to write your application in native C++ (“native” meaning you use the direct C/C++ APIs) which has to be compiled. Scripts are run using an interpreter so the don’t to be compiled.

There is a “test” directory in the BeThon folder where you can see (and run the example scripts - you might need to run them from the terminal command-line). These examples give you an idea of what kind of things you can create with Bethon.

I like it a lot and it’s sometimes a quick and easy to test and understand some the Haiku/BeOS APIs.

I hope this helps. Thanks to Donn Cave the creator of Bethon! He might correct or add to what I’ve said.


Thank You so very much for the sound explanation hey68you! Your reply was exactly what I was looking for!! Unfortunately there is not much documentation online about Bethon! Your reply is much appreciated!