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Up until recently, Haiku builds for ARM have targetted individual ARM boards. The compile process for ARM images required two things: an architecture, and a target board (such as the Raspberry Pi 2). This board setting adjusted a large number of defines throughout Haiku at compile time to set the operating system up for the target ARM device. The board selection also handled placing all the propriety bits (a lot of which have sketchy licensing) into the Haiku image during compile. Haiku would then have to distribute these files. (sketchy licensing and all)

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Did you try the samsung chromebook? This chromebook has an Exynos 5250 ARM processor and it is near it EOL. You can find those very cheap online for about $25-$100 USD.


Hi, I like this very much, Haiku also being targeted for ARM. I hope this will boot to the desktop one day so it can really be used :slight_smile:
Anyhow, mkimage is apparantly non-existing on the Haiku platform. Also the rune executable does not exist there. Alex kindly build a windows version for it which I’ll probably try to run, as soon as I succeed in building my own image.
This is not going to succeed on Haiku without mkimage as I understand it (making the image fails on this program missing), and I don’t know how to overcome this.

At this moment I am trying to build an image on i686 Ubuntu. Building the cross compiler seems to succeed, but not (yet) building the image, though mkimage does exist here…

Hopefully I/we can overcome these initial problems, as I’d love to fiddle around on a Pi2 :slight_smile:

Bye, and thanks for all the hard work on the ARM stuff everybody!