Roll call for prospective Haiku QA testers!

I definitely have been interested in being part of such a team. I think I have struggled on how QA testing would best fit into Haiku’s SDLC process. I have some ideas that I think could work but would rather work other folks to get a consensus on a good strategy.

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From the developer side, I think we’re waiting for the QA team to suggest something?

We could say there is already an informal team thanks to users spending a lot of time testing Haiku on various machines, finding ways to reproduce bugs, etc. I can think of @humdinger @vidrep and @Diver but there may be others.

There is probably room for a more structured process, and ideally it would help us with shipping releases (beta or final) more easily and with more confidence.


Yepp, I understand. In this way could PROs agree on tools what can do tracking of tests + QA activities ?

Just as we have our dev. environment if needed to tests and conversion of code I mentioned I want to participate in as well - to begin with tasks about next spring in 2022.

Can you - PROs - sit together - even online - to discuss it and vote a leader among you to be followed ?

I assume one or two dedicated person needed who directs the formation and wants to collect people around him/her to establish the TEST and QA teams.

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Ahoy PROs !

Was someone grabbed the ruling stick and formed

  1. TEST Team of Haiku

  2. Q & A Team of Haiku

finally ?

There are persons whould join those teams already ! :))

Developers also need your cooperation and process setup.

Finally someone - not authentic - of us will do it in hurry and then you will hold your head and then just shake it as it will too late to speak up against … :smiley:

Sorry. I have been so busy with life and work I haven’t been keeping up with this thread.