RevLin OS: Help wanted


Patrick, your project sounds good. I wish you the best with it. You must realize that everyone coming to this site is here to read comments and news on Haiku - even with off-topic forum.

If you really want to attract users/developers to your project then post a story on and similar sites (general OS/software sites). That will get you greater attention and interest which will attract users and developers. There is nothing wrong with creating another OS which is unrelated to Haiku but promoting it on Haiku’s website is bad etiquette. That’s the reason why you will get negative comments from some users. For instance, people here prefer to stick with Haiku related questions, blogs and news.


I do realize that me being here could be seen to be in bad taste, but i am not here to promote. I am simply here to reach out to members of the Haiku community in particular who would be interested helping out with development, i am sorry to upset any Haiku users, i myself am a full time Haiku user.

As a token gesture of good faith i will put haiku as a featured project on linking back to your home page, all in all i am happy with the way the Haiku community have interacted with me and would say you are all very lucky to have and be apart of it.


I’m probably the 15th guy to say this, but why are you asking for Linux help here? There’s ubuntuforums, linuxforums, linuxquestions, etc, but I really don’t see the point in asking for devs here when the devs here are already shorthanded and are not even working with the Linux kernel.


Patrick already posts to various Linux forums, but you have to understand that people like him don’t get much slack from such forums. Linux is a Code is King project. Idle dreams are worth zero lines of code.

You may have noticed that the RevLin web site has: mock-up screenshots, six or so contradictory editorial pieces about what RevLin will be, a competition that went nowhere, lots of half-arsed reviews and tantrum throwing, and no downloads.

That last item is the important one. None of it exists, it’s just some guy writing a web site, fantasising about how great an OS would be if he made one. Such people are a dime a dozen.

And now he’s off wasting the time of BSD hackers.


Wow that is incredibly harsh. None of the screenshots on the page are mockups. They are all web applications coded by us running in the browser. i have a team of 5 developers working on the OS, i personally pull all nighters working on the desktop. An outrageous amount of time has been put into this project. And may i add that the website is not our website at all but my personal blog that i am currently using to put out news on the project. Asking a few questions on BSD is not waisting their time. Haiku was once a pipe dream much like RevLin and its not like progress isn’t being made. If an administrator wants to close down this thread that would be great. The smell of troll is becoming unbearable.


Honestly, I have to say I am truly shocked and disappointed by some of the responses that I see here. This dev came here asking for help with a project from anyone who may be interested. He did so respectfully. The fact that Haiku does not want/allow people to advertise or request help with another OS in the “Off Topic”(Sometimes “Miscellaneous”) section of the forums is very rare(and quite possibly unique) in the FOSS culture. It is not uncommon for programmers to work on several different projects AT THE SAME TIME.

One the greatest strengths of FOSS is the open sharing of ideas, talent and resources. This is evident just by watching Linux and the BSDs. As far as pulling devs away from Haiku to work on another project–that’s not very realistic. People don’t spend large amounts of time and effort on a project just to up and leave it at a whim. IF any devs were to leave here for another OS, chances are they either: 1)had some previously unaddressed issues with Haiku that they felt would not be solved satisfactorily, 2)worked on Haiku because it was the best option available to them AT THE TIME or 3)saw the new OS as being closer in vision to something they would have preferred to work on to begin with.

I really hope the responses of some individuals is not indicative of the greater view of the community itself because that could end up short-changing the community in negative ways. Please try to keep an open mind.


You might want to look at NoHaikuForMe’s name more in a depth manner, as he is well know for also thinking that Haiku is pointless pipe dream.


After much deliberation, we have decided to use Haiku as the base of our operating system. Our reasoning for using linux was hardware support. but Haiku is quickly snow balling and with the right driving force behind it it will surly gain a greater amount of quality hardware drivers making Haiku a (longterm) viable option. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Personally I think you are going the wrong direction you aren’t going to gain help from Haiku developers by forking or anything.

Think about this develop RevLin to be OS agnostic just like the web is anyway but also have features that allow it to integrate and feel native on each platform. You would probably call this a webAppServer on haiku … the app appears like a native app in the menu.

You seem to be implementing all this stuff like native a filesystem and what not for nothing… just use what is there perhaps improve it… I don’ think the goal of RevLin should be to make all apps html javascript but rather enable web developers to make desktop applications similar to prism for firefox (just locally hosted and less stupid).

And yes it clearly says on this forum as I said when I first replied to you not to solicit you own project haiku forums… I mean if your project succeeds it should be of it’s own merit not because you advertised it really well ie MS Windows. The off topic forum is a social forum not a billboard to plaster you project on and you should admit that and accept it rather disagree and generate a flamewar etc…when someone tells you this… in any case I have found your interesting even if it is off topic for the off topic forum.


Clearly you are not looking at where the computing market is going and frankly if off topic things are not wanted in the forum there should not be an Off topic section.


Exactly its going down the drain… RE: Sun Microsystems

So what problem does your platform solve as it stands your implemtation sounds like to causes more work than decreasing it or allowing more crossplatformness by being OS agnostic.