Reviving the community

Indeed! I’ve never seen that format before! US convention is confusing enough, but that beats It…:grinning: What country might that be standard in?

I, we, tried it with In the past we had big vortal, with news, articles and forum, powered by Drupal. This webpage exists from 2004 to 2016 - I think was the biggest third party site about Haiku (Haikuware was different beast - software and hardware database). We also had a sister project, - - because exists ;).

In addition, we published bigger news on the opensource portals.

Someone bought this website, and after database migration, nicks and comments disappeared. However, you can see my old text -
Proof - (Donation for Haiku, Inc).

This is important. Our message has been kept in the manner - we are not “freetards” and we know that life and software costs. I want to attract young professionals, developers, open source activists, students with free time.

We also had great software in the past (this was written during a competition organized by our vortal) -, Source code -

It simply was not working (our effort). No one care about average geek.

I do not want to write long. Haiku has only 1,832 likes on Facebook. My private page had 320, without effort. There is some lack in communication here.

This is not good for non technical people who wants to contribute.

Thanks! Good to know that they are still exist. It is worth to have account there?

It’s not ideal, that’s for sure. But consider this:

  • The main website is foremost for news and info from the Haiku project. People seriously interested in being an active part have no issues making themselves familiar with how a pull request works. I dare say everybody that had write-access on the old website already knows how.
  • The trouble to learn about pull-requests is dwarfed by the amount of work that delivering contents means. It’s so easy that 13 year old high-schoolers from all over the world get it quickly.
  • In the decade we had the Drupal site, there were maybe a handful of submitted articles/blogposts.
  • Having a static website has many advantages (@waddlesplash could get into the details). Among it easy contributions to design and structure of the site.

All that said, I expect some people will object vehemently, I’m all for making it easier.
Best case scenario IMO: anyone posts their blogpost/article/anything as a forum post and others can decide to promote it to a blogpost/article/whatever at the main site. I bet this approach will get us many more posts on the front page, because apparently people don’t mind posting in the forums, but may have reservations writing an “official blogpost”.


great idea, i would like to help with german content (web, twitter, classic pr and »analog networking«).
another idea (not directly connected): something like for haiku applications.
a common question is »is there something like xy or how to do xy …«


The PR process was actually quite straightforward, and I got a post published :slight_smile:

For next time it would be useful to be able to preview first - do I need to install hugo from somewhere to convert the markdown to HTML?

Preview would have shown up that there’s no margin round those images, and the Deskbar menu image is waaaaay too big!


You can get Hugo from – install the binary to your PATH, then run “hugo serve” and navigate your browser to “http://localhost:1313”.


Jua notified me about that. It was even worse before I moved the image under the fold as the image spanned several posts on the front page. :slight_smile:
I took the liberty of retaking that screenshot and cropping away the actual list of apps, because it still would span a few paragraphs. So, images are best as small as aesthetically possible… BTW, what resolution / font size did you take the shots? It may be advisable to set those to standards when screenshooting.

@waddlesplash, can you add a nice margins around those images? You probably know best where to massage the css for that. Also, maybe put your tip wrt previewing with Hugo into the

BTW, seems to be a nice online markdown editor.

I’ll look at it in the next few days.

Hello i had my nick skarmiglione, but now i am cosmogatokat here, manage the haiku os colombia’s blog for years and start the haiku os group we have 727 members, is a pretty active community, and here i can help when ever you need me :slight_smile:

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Thanks @humdinger, that’s much better. It probably didn’t help that I’m using a 4k monitor, so had upped the font size by a couple of points. I didn’t notice how huge it was until I saw the post on my phone!


Done: :slight_smile:


It’s hard to make buzz when there’s next to nothing to make noise about these days. Spread the word about what? Beta 1, which is still in the oven for who knows how long? Or people porting 3rd-party apps to “unsupported” gcc4 builds, because there’s too much work or it’s not possible to “downgrade” enough to build them on our “officially supported” ancient old gcc2 compiler. Case in point? LibreOffice.

I support your initiative. I just wish things were better for our community.

Things don’t need to buzz to work fine. Things need devs to work and devs don’t need buzz. :slight_smile:

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I think it’ll help if people stopped spreading false information, like that the official Haiku image only runs gcc2 compiled applications. It has been a hybrid for a very long time that comes with a modern gcc5.4. Web+ is gcc5-only, as is every Qt and Java app; all run on the official gcc2hybrid Haiku.


This website is a pain in the ass. For a start, I have to enter a password to get in.
Then there are all these people who are trying to stop people who want to do stuff

  • from doing it.

The whole idea of web based collaboration is flawed.

I am relying on you lot to fix Haiku and keep it moving until it’s ready.

Most important- it needs to be able to handle LAZARUS and Free Pascal.

LAZARUS means reviving the dead - If you don’t do LAZARUS you ARE dead.

I’m working on a sytem to replace the Internet so you can collaborate on your own pc and have it replicate to the community - WITHOUT ANYONE STANDING IN YOUR WAY.

When it’s finished, it will port via Lazarus. Until then it will only be available on Linux.

Anyone who can see the problems caused by the internet understands there needs to be something new.

BeOs (and now Haiku) hold the key.

Also, Minix may take over, if Haiku fails. That is the next in line of the modern UNIX like replacements in the wings.

Keep up the good work, and heads down, bums up to y’all

Your expression is very poor. Why do you have to write like that? What is something like that? That does not change anything.

Who can stop anyone from doing something? Would be nice if one understands what it is, for example by a reference to the trigger.

Why should not you have to register in a website/forum? Only so you can avoid unnecessary spam.

What exactly does that mean? If someone asks for help, he will get help in so far as anyone can.

Who needs to be able to use lazarus? You? Why do you speak for all?


How should that look exactly? Why does everyone have to have that? How do you think everyone is waiting for you and your idea?

What is the probability of your project being finished? Should not one have to have something, if this already exists?

BeOS is dead sience 2000. Why Haiku hold the key?

On which task, which was not known to me, should Haiku fail? Did I miss something? I thought it is a hobby project of free developers who create a single user operating system.

Is this one kind of revenge? I do not understand you. But it is nice to hear that the work of the developers behind haiku after all the criticism of your contribution received a little praise.


I’m sorry that I have to write so, but I can not suffer such contributions.

I always hear “I need”, but no one can do it self. Or calls something into life to make this possible.

In addition, someone is working on lazarus: New in HaikuDepot

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My system is now finished. I am just waiting for you all to stop complaining and asking so many questions and get on and get ported the right programs so all the right people can get to use the RIGHT OS - then you can use my new system. Until then …

See you next year
Adam of Bremen

Oh, and one more thing … please don’t make the mistake of trying to emulate all the other OS’s and making Haiku multi-user. Then you are all dead in the water. Linux is the multiuser king of all and nobody will use Haiku for multi-user in place of that.

You have, and I say HAVE, to stay single user. That is the great future of the desktop. Multi-user is an old idea from way back when you could not afford a computer for every person. Now, my own laptop has 4 computers in it - all working at the same time to squashfs my file system. If you want to make sure all that works to perfection inside a multi-user environment - be my guest - as Dirty Harry might say …

And even more one more thing …

I also have more than two computers - and I don’t ever log in to them. And I network them togerther and sync them - soon over the internet - and they have no user names and no passwords. And nobody can access them because MY FRONT DOOR IS LOCKED.

Just like my car.

Don’t sweat the security - get rid of it. Physical security is all we ever need
(and a REAL HAIKUER doesn’t need that, either).

Imhad a crazy girlfrie d who try to look in my computers with linux… Thanks to passwords xD she can’t