Resizing big windows

At my Medion netbook some windows are oversized. How to make them smaller, when the right bottom corner could not be seen?

Hi Octopus,

you can either grab a window by the yellow tab or anywhere at the border and move it until you can reach the resize corner. You can also hold down CTRL and ALT and click anywhere into a window to drag it around (right-click sends to back). Lastly, you can click the zoom button (the right widget in the yellow tab) which should resize the window to an alternative size. There’s also a shortcut for that: ALT+Z.


It seems, you have not understood my problem. The window height is greater than the screen height. Thus I cannot move the yellow tab outside of the screen, what would be necessary to make the right bottom corner visible.

I don’t think I have… :slight_smile:
You can grab a window anywhere at its border, or with holding ALT+CTRL grab it anywhere inside. Then there’s CTRL+ALT+Z (got the combo wrong before…).


Hmm, my problem is not to grab a window, or to maximize it. My problem is to resize the window (finally shrinked, not maximized) that way, that both right corners could be seen simultaneously on the screen, which is not as high as the problematic window.

Octopus, you do what humdinger said and drag the window up until the bottom right corner comes into view. Then you can re-size with the bottom right corner. On a netbook, you might have to even do it a couple of times to make that re-size corner come into view. Your windows aren’t frozen are they?

Well, I thought it all over. I tried to drag the window using the yellow tab only. That way the right bottom corner never had come into sight. But dragging it using the other border parts finally succeeded in pushing the yellow tab outside of the screen (which is impossible in Windows OSs). Thus at least the long missed resizing corner has come into sight … thank you all.