[REQ] Open Switcher port

Open Switcher is a control application for the Blackmagic Design ATEM video switchers. These are normally controlled with the propriatary Windows or Osx application over a network connection. In some cases it’s also possible to control these switchers using hardware buttons but that doesn’t expose the full functionality of these mixers.

Switcher Control is a re-implementation that aims to be as close to the supported features of ATEM Software Control as possible. Getting to 100% compatabilty would be quite hard since it exposes quite a lot of extra functionalities for specific models of mixers which would be technically difficult to implement or hard to do due to lack of access to the more expensive hardware.

Official website: https://openswitcher.org/
Pyton lib: ~martijnbraam/pyatem - sourcehut git
Win port: GitHub - MartijnBraam/pyatem-win: Windows builds for https://git.sr.ht/~martijnbraam/pyatem