Rename Haiku-OS to Haiku

I think a major key of success of most popular things are their name
The name should be easy to remember

What about renaming to or ?

Most people just Google the name without bothering with the address bar, I don’t think it matters what the domain name is too much.

Anyway, the Haiku operating system is called Haiku, I don’t know what you’re on about.

it already is just haiku. the site is because was taken at the time. how is less confusing than

I suggest you to register the domain name.
It is free !

It is totally free while using OPENNIC DNS servers

Add the opennic servers to your computer (, then go to under Firefox or Waterfox
and register it.

It could be useful.

I like projects with unique website names. It makes it far easier to locate information about the system, developer notes, forum posts, etc. When I google ‘Haiku’ by itself, I get a whole lotta poetry. Nice - but usually not what I’m looking for. I do the same thing with my own posts. If my name were John Smith, I’d never find them.

Free or not isn’t the issue and having a domain that can only be accessed by people using one DNS service is completely and utterly pointless.

“Haiku” already has a different meaning, and it is often confusing.
I think personally, all those allusions to poetry is inappropriate.
I do not like the name “Haiku”, for me was good enough OBOS…
Maybe the name Haiku-OS can be shortened to “HOS” or “Haikus” (“HaikuS”)?

Have you test to search by the name haiku in a search engine? You got many haiku poetry but nothing about the Operating System, so Haiku OS is for me ok.

Haiku is a operating system and the address show this, i like it.

I agree with Lelldorin. You can’t find any Haiku OS related anything without adding OS to a google.

If we want to have “haiku” give this website as google’s #1 search result instead of a whole lot of poetry-related sites, then we just need to generate hundreds of blog posts and websites pointing back here.

You know, some actual marketing.

We can’t just leave this to Richie. It should be something we ALL do.

There’s a link to on every page of my website, in the sidebar. I’d give the address, but it triggered the forum’s brain-dead spam filter.

a fifteen-year old niche operating system that took the name almost at random with no further thought of connecting to it in any way will definitely not overtake a centuries-old literary/poetic tradition, especially one still as widely practiced, published and appreciated as haiku. that’s fine.

If one side is doing SEO and the other is not, of course it can.

Google “sonnet”. After the inevitable Wikipedia and entries (fair enough) you arrive at an outfit called Sonnet Technologies.

Or try “limerick”. The city in Ireland’s website is listed before any of thousands of amateur poetry websites.

Lets vote for ‘HOS’, lets use the ‘HOS’!
Because, HOS is abbreviation for Haiku Operating System!

What this gets down to is the domain name. may be for sale. If it is, I’m not sure it would be a good investment. Anybody who feels it would be really beneficial could buy the domain namd and donate it to Haiku inc. or maybe just re-direct it to

We are trying, now and then, to get the domain. The owner does not seem in a hurry to sell it and is expecting to get at least $5000 from it IIRC. More than we think it is worth, but if someones thinks it is a good way to spend his own money and then donate it to the Haiku project (or just redirect to here), that’s fine by me.