Remove Vision logo from setup window?

Please consider removing the Vision logo from its setup window; it seems strangely incongruous with Haiku.


Vision is a 3rd party app not developed by the Haiku project itself. Its bug tracker can be found here:

Many thanks for your fast reply, anevilyak! Based on your username, I take it that you are one of the Vision devs? If so, please pardon my comment about the Vision logo. I will certainly understand if you don’t agree with me that the “after” screenshot is preferable to the original version.

I am, yes, though I’d have to admit to not having too much with the code in a while. No pardons needed in any case, I’m not sure about removing it entirely, but I wouldn’t mind having something a bit less obtrusive. Unfortunately, my art skills are roughly in the realm of stick figures, and I’m really not sure what form I’d even like such a replacement to take exactly (the one that’s there now was done for me as a favor by a friend over a decade ago).

Why not just use the Vision icon?

Hi, anevilyak.

I’d like to tinker with this change. It looks kind of fun and pretty simple.

I already downloaded the Vision source code from the SVN repository. I’m afraid I couldn’t get it to compile, but the only thing I tried so far was changing the Makefile symlink from gcc4 to gcc2 and running the “make” command. If I missed the documentation about compiling Vision I apologize.

What is the trick to compiling Vision?