Registry of Java Apps

Currently, the thread “Apps I run on Haiku” kind of serves as a list of various Java-based applications somebody got to run on Haiku.

I think we need a specific and structured registry of those applications, including

  • what they are (name, purpose, version),
  • how to install them,
  • how to launch them
  • and how well they actually perform.
This should allow to attach any resources required for installation/launching/patching, download locations and of course all licensing stuff required to stay legal. User testimonials would be nice as well, other things are a how-to on bug reporting. A list of applications not yet there, with a reference to the blocking tickets also serves its purpose, especially if users can vote on how much they'd like to see it working.

Maybe best place is here, maybe that should be a section in Haikuware? It should most definitely be a prominent place since it’s key in attracting new Haiku users and also helps anybody to exploit the advanced usability of Haiku via Hamish’s port without tedious trial-error cycles.

Another point in favour is the push this would provide to the completion of the OpenJDK port itself. Again, thank’s Hamish for this great piece of work.