Registering more file types(?)

How hard would it be to get more file types registered to Haiku without the end-users having to do it themselves? I know Waddlesplash rocked them out for LibreOffice sometime back, but I have stumbled upon other files that Haiku doesn’t know what to do with at times. What’s the process for getting those considered and included?

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You can create a change request and submit it to gerrit, it basically just requires a file in the correct place for it’s mime type, and some sniffer rules to detect it.

Here is a recent commit adding support for playlist files:

The process to add these is the same as with other changes Get the Haiku Source Code / Pushing Patches to Haiku 101 | Haiku Project

If your application has files it knows itself only, for example internal data formats (e.g love2d game engine .love archives) You can also ship the required file in your package instead of submitting it to Haiku.

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