Regarding Print Ads

I’d love to run a print ad of Haiku OS in my self-published art magazine (get the artists on board with Haiku!!). I’m not looking for money, I would really like to see Haiku being advertised. Also, I need some information about who to contact, how to get a print ad, if/can I create my own? How does this work. Thank you.

Since Haiku Inc. manages the use of the Haiku logo etc., it should be best to contact them (there’s a mailing list). I bet they’d be thrilled if you offered to create your own design and show that to get their consent. We need new flyers, posters, tshirt designs etc. too. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately our current material is very out of date. You can download the latest flyer (from… 2010) here:

At a minimum the URLs should be updated, possibly also the screenshots.

I added my email address to the mailing list. I’m not sure I did it correctly, I’m not very familiar with mailing lists and how to use them.

I’m still interested in working on a print ad. If I create one using the Haiku guidelines, whereabouts do I go to get it reviewed, approved, etc? How do I contact people to get permission to move forwards with this endeavor?

Thanks for being patient with me, I’d just really like to get an ad in the magazine.


You should’ve gotten a confimation mail from the list server that includs the address you have to write to. Maybe it’s in your spam folder? (it should be BTW).

How about you post your drafts to this forum. You may even get some useful feedback. :slight_smile:
Then post to the Haiku Inc. mailing list with the URL to the thread.


Here is an example of the print ad (I realized afterwards that the website URL might have been a good addition to the ad. (also, it is potato quality, I used AI, and it’s looking quite crisp):

Also regarding the mailing list, am I now subscribed?
This was the content of the email:

List context changed to ‘haiku-inc’ by following command.

appsub haiku-inc 545B9A11:4BF.1:unvxhvap


The subscription to the mailing list looks good. As Humdinger mentionned, you can now send mails to Haiku, Inc is the legal entity who owns the Haiku (name and logo) trademark, so you need their permission to use that in your ad.

What license do you plan to use on your artwork? One of the Creative Commons license would be nice, as it would allow us to keep the file and reuse it later. But, that is your choice.

I’m not sure that the memory requirements are still up to date with package management in trunk. Also, as mentioned, without any URLs, this isn’t really a very helpful ad :slight_smile:

I don’t have a machine with that little memory (my smallest laptop is 512MB) but I believe Haiku-OS needs 256MB to run any useful program.

I would not be surprised if it boots in 128MB, but I doubt you could run much in that little space.

PS. And this is an ex-Amiga guy who used to boast how many programs he could multi-task on his 3.5MB Amiga 1000.

Thanks for the feedback. I just pulled the specs from the web (Wikipedia - I know it’s not always reliable; sorry people). In any case, if someone knows the new minimum system requirements, I can easily change that.

PulkoMandy: of course I would use a creative commons license which would turn the material I created over to others like myself. I think the sharing and spreading things of this nature (for free no less) is part of the goal of open source.

Let me know if you have any other feedback for me, that would be awesome!!

Here’s another mock-up. I think that something simple is best.


[quote=el.tigre.20]Here’s another mock-up. I think that something simple is best.


I like it :slight_smile: … i Also liked the first one… except that it looked a little crowded in the middle…
But i think i like this more :slight_smile:

Hi el.tigre.20!

For a print ad one might get away with providing no information. :slight_smile:
The all black background is a bit to drab for my taste. What might work very well is the WonderBrush file “Mixed Leaf Background” from .
People not knowing Haiku’s boot loading will not get that the icons light up and wonder why the last three are greyscale. Best to use them all lit up, I’d say.