Redirecting output of package command

The other day, I wanted to learn more about keystore command that I just read about on the forum. So opened a terminal and typed keystore >keystore_help.txt
I got a text file on my desktop which is easier to read than terminal output and also more handy when you want to try something.
Today, as I was wondering about package command, I tried to use the same trick
and typed package >package_help.txt.
If the file package_help.txt was well created on my desktop, the terminal output wasn’t redirected and as a result the file was empty.
Is it a particularity of this command or a bug that I should report?

Lots of commands output their help information to stderr instead of stdout. You have to either redirect stderr separately, using 2>file.txt, or redirect stderr into stdout, using 2>&1.

Thanks. I will try that.