Recent (23 Sept) OGP milestone

It’s been a while since I last checked in on this project but things have certainly progressed


The boards that have been produced aren’t end-user ready - for a start, the asking price is $750 - but I’m pleased to see this project continuing. I’d be even more pleased if Haiku were to gain support for it.

I prefer drivers for Intel and Ati which tend to be more on the open source these days. Most computer users either have Nvidia, Ati or Intel for graphics.

Why support a graphics card that very few will buy and use? I do not think you even have one. Any developer is welcome to work on what they want but I doubt you’ll see support for these (other than VESA) since only a small percentage of computer users would buy these graphic cards.

I applaud the open graphics card project and a wonderful exercise in engineering. I do not hold hopes that it will become either mainstream or cheap any time soon. Boards won’t be cheap until they are widely sold, and they won’t be widely sold until they can compete with NVidia/ATI on important features, or get distribution agreements with big PC companies.

There is a low end niche for a video card manufacturer, but it’s hard to keep up design improvements when your profit margins are low. I could see the open graphics card project being used by some Chinese manufacturer for a short time. Like the Loongson CPU. But this CPU was largely subsidized by the Chinese government, could not compete and did not sell well.