Raspberry Pi Port

Hello Everyone:

Good work on the beta release. I tried things out in a VM and it’s working pretty good. One thing I think that is really difficult is hardware support. I see a lot of people having trouble with various WiFi adapters, video cards, etc. Since Haiku is so lightweight, would there be renewed interest in a Raspberry Pi port? It would be really nice to have one cheap and affordable platform to run Haiku on. Since there is far less variation in hardware, it might even be easier to maintain. Using Haiku in a VM is fun, but it doesn’t seem like the way forward, since you’ll always have to have a host OS. I don’t know if this could be prioritized in any way, possibly via the GSoC. I think it’d be great for Haiku if people simply had to buy a Raspberry Pi and load the OS onto a SD card. I think you’d have a lot of users and comparatively little work to do to maintain the port, as well as it being a native experience, versus running in a VM.

I’d be very excited to see Haiku run on a Pi. It may even garner more attention to the platform as a whole since there aren’t a lot of non-Linux operating systems for it (the only one I know of is RiscOS as I won’t really count Windows 10 IoT).

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Use the search function, there are plenty threads about it.

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