Rare, early developer model BeBox needs a new home


Or you could just go for Power9… in which case Talos makes fast powerful Power9 hardware that isn’t too far out of the real of sane prices. You can probably build a workstation for under $2k for sure.


I should have provided the links from the pertinent comments:

A PowerPC notebook still in its funding campaign: ( https://www.powerpc-notebook.org/en/ ).

A Power9 Blackbird motherboard, supporting up to 256 GB memory and a serial port still in a pre-order status: ( https://www.raptorcs.com/content/BK1B01/intro.html ).

While the PowerPC notebook may never materialize, the Power9 Blackbird motherboard is from the same company currently offering the Talos servers and workstations - so should be available as soon as the embargo on the Power9 CPU is lifted.


The Wii U is powered by a 1.3GHz tri-core PowerPC processor, and its graphics chip is a lightly customized GCN Radeon HD. There’s already a Linux port to it: https://gitlab.com/linux-wiiu/linux-wiiu

Probably easier to acquire one of those than an AmigaOne…


Or PS3 for that matter… probably about the same difference it’s single main core is much faster than the Wii + the SPEs which are kinda sorta like regular cores.

Main problem with these consoles is limited ram.


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